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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

GQ Hosts Eat + Drink: GQ.com

The days of sweating around the house trying to make guests comfortable are long gone. 
Remember to K.I.S.S!!! (Keep It Simple Sexy). 
When you host a party in your home you're welcoming folks into you domicile, so let YOUR DOMICILE BE WELCOMING!

Click on the link to get 23 tips/ ideas from GQ. GQ Hosts Eat + Drink: GQ.com

CAUTION: Don't host if you're not ready.
* Only have seating for 3 in your home?
* The only accessory in your bathroom is the toilet paper?
* You have NEVER been complimented on the style in your home? 
Ask a Lady you trust if your home feels welcoming.

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